Peter Williams


Peter Williams respected Canadian astrologer serves international clientele specializing in relationship analysis, career, personal health, relocation and financial forecasting.

As an astrologer Peter brings an unusual depth of insight gained from over 40 years of focus, study and experience with thousands of clients. His unique ability combined with his signature sense of humour has gained him the trust of a broad range of clients dealing with the myriad of challenges that make up daily life. Astrology helps guide you through the intersection of fate and free will.

Character is destiny.

Why should I consult a professional astrologer?

Astrology is an indispensable means to help you to understand yourself, others in your life and to make better informed decisions at life’s crossroads. Astrology has a great deal to say about the dynamics of relationships in marriage, business, and friendships and between parent and child.

The purpose of astrology , or astro-analysis, is twofold:

  1. To reveal character, one’s basic needs, personality and inherent abilities or lack of; and
  2. Forecasting is the reasonable prediction of the timing of events. Astrology is the ‘insight in time’.  50% of success is in the timing.

Astrology is the only discipline that has both language and insight into the fate versus free will paradox.  To reap the many benefits from Astrology, you need a professional Astrologer to read and interpret your chart

Astrology is an extremely complex subject, just as are you. The only thing more complex than a human is two of them trying to get along.



Zodiac, in astrology and astronomy, is a belt around the heavens on either side of the Sun’s annual path through the constellations. The orbits of the moon and of the principal planets also lie entirely within the zodiac. A house in astrology is coincidentally similar to a clock. The zodiac is divided into twelve individual segments, or houses, each one being ruled by a different astrological sign. The zodiac begins with the first house, which is represented by the sign of Aries and goes counter clockwise around. Each house is associated with a set of traits, beginning from the self, and expanding outward into society and beyond. At the moment you were born, the planets were all in specific signs and houses. This determines your birth chart and your unique personal traits. Place your mouse over the House to reveal more information.

The First House

Ruled by Aries

The 1st. House =

self-interest, physical appearance, basic personality and how others see you.

The Second House

Ruled by Taurus

The 2nd. House =

personal values, monies earned and spent, movable possessions, resources for fulfilling security needs.

The Third House

Ruled by Gemini

The 3rd. House =

neighbourhood, communications, early schooling, siblings, buying and selling, writing/journalism, short trips.

The Fourth House

Ruled by Cancer

The 4th. House =

home, family real estate, parents(s), one’s private life, childhood years, as well as old age.

The Fifth House

Ruled by Leo

The 5th. House =

creative endeavours, hobbies, pleasure, entertainment, children, speculative and romantic ventures.

The Sixth House

Ruled by Virgo

The 6th. House =

working environment, co-workers, small pets, service to others, food and all health related endeavours.

The Seventh House

Ruled by Libra

The 7th. House =

one-to-one encounters with others, business and married partners, significant others in life.

The Eighth House

Ruled by Cancer

The 8th. House =

values of others, joint finances, other people’s money and possessions, death and rebirth situations financial institutions, sex.

The Ninth House

Ruled by Sagitarius

The 9th. House =

higher education, religion, spiritual learning, professional involvements, long-distance travel, import/export, languages, ceremonies, legal matters, publications.

The Tenth House

Ruled by Capricorn

The 10th. House =

vocation orientation/career, reputation, father, authority figures, timing of the success or failure of endeavour.

The Eleventh House

Ruled by Aquarius

The 11th. House =

friends, social work, community or civic activities, rewards, formal clubs, organizations (example Freemasonry).

The Twelveth House

Ruled by Pices

The Twelveth House =

hidden weaknesses and strengths, hidden enemies, behind-the- scenes activities, hospitals and places of confinement, large bodies of water, psychic abilities.

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The following describes the influence of the Planets in Astrology, which will help you understand your own forecast.

What is the effect of the planets on your chart? In Astrology we use the term ‘ruled by’ which means ‘associated with’. Each planet is in your personal chart. The location of the planet in your chart is determined by its orbital position at the time of your birth, and the direct angle of the planet to the exact place of your birth. Each planet represents or is associated with particular characteristics in our personalities and our lives.

The Sun represents your basic nature or ‘raison d’etre’. It is the center of our solar system and of our life. It is our life force, our central creative urge. It is our sense of pride, our need for recognition, and our self-esteem. The Sun is how we define fun, our degree of risk taking and our need to reproduce. The Sun also defines our creative urge. The location of the Sun, placement in one of the 12 houses of the Zodiac, in our natal birth chart, will define the dominant area in our life. It determines the area in our life where we need to shine, excel, be recognized and get respect. The Sun is the biggest card in your deck!

The moon is ‘ruled by’ Cancer. It is the key to understanding your inner emotional nature. The Moon determines how you react. It symbolizes your needs for dependency and nurturing. The placement of the Moon in your chart defines your security needs, ethnic instinct, moods, habit patterns and the close women in your life, wife/mother. Successful marriages very often have a compatible Sun and Moon configuration between partners.
Mercury is ‘ruled by’ both Gemini and Virgo and defines how we communicate; our verbal ability, logic and capacity to be primarily objectively or subjectively oriented. The position of Mercury in our natal chart (house placement) predicts where we communicate most effectively and most sincerely. It defines the area where we are most curious and interested in learning more. Mercury and its location in your chart is your communication and learning comfort zone!
Venus is ‘ruled by’ both Libra and Taurus. It represents love and money, the pleasure principal. Venus is romance, it defines that which we are attracted to, which may or may not coincide with what is good for us!

I am very attracted to gambling and speculation. When I was a young child, I would bet my allowance with friends as to which bird sitting on a fence would fly away first! Regretfully, other aspects in my chart determine that gambling is not good for me, even though I love it! Through Astrology, I have learned to accept this reality and control my instinct with mature resignation.
Mars is ‘ruled by’ Aries and represents our ego and our need to assert ourselves. It is the part of your chart that says ‘don’t fight with me here!’ In this area, I will not back off right or wrong! Mars also defines our sexual drive, and for men to whom we are sexually attracted. Again, sexual attraction does not always coincide with who is best for us for a mature long term relationship. If we were always emotionally and intellectually compatible with those to whom we are sexually attracted, the divorce rate would be 10% instead of 50%. The house (area of life) where throughout life we will predictably be aggressive, impulsive and egocentric is defined by where Mars is in our chart. Mars is how and where you seek freedom, risk, immediate needs and where you need to be #1!

The degree to which this area of your life is frustrated or blocked will be the focus of your anger and rebellion.
Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius. Jupiter represents your need to believe and aspire. Jupiter is your ace in the hole. Jupiter is also the luck or smooth running area of your life, where opportunity abounds and where we instinctively know we are talented. The downside is that Jupiter also shows us where we are inclined to exaggerate to ourselves and to others. Jupiter is where we are over confident and expect our just rewards before they are earned. It represents for many of us the area of our lives where we feel that the world owes us. Jupiter also represents where we put our faith. Jupiter defines our ideals, goals, beliefs and values. In fact, Jupiter is the wisdom in your life, where others can and should learn from you. Be confident and learn more here, then share this knowledge. By doing so, you will be happier and will gain peace of mind.
Ah! This planet in all of its ramifications is the exact opposite to Jupiter. Saturn is ruled by Capricorn. Have you ever heard the expression, ‘there is no freedom with walls?’ Law and order equal civilization. The Jupiter-Saturn dynamic represents society at the macro level and the individual at micro level. This is the classic ying-yang polarity in both society and the individual. Jupiter demands free speech and Saturn directs that you cannot shout fire in a crowded movie theater if there isn’t a fire. In our personal lives, the house or area where Saturn is located shows us where we must learn, whether we live it or not. The rain does not know, let alone care if it is Saturday and you have planned a company picnic! Saturn defines how and where we must face reality, overcome primal fears and in so doing, maximize our true potential by overcoming fear. The absolute ultimate real life example is the life of Helen Keller, and the challenges she overcame despite being born blind and deaf. I remain in awe of this accomplishment and whenever I feel sorry for myself, I think of her – this magnificent example of the human spirit! Saturn defines and in so doing shows you the way to confront your fears.
Uranus is ruled by Aquarius. Uranus shows your need to change and alter during the journey of your life. It is the house of your chart or areas of your life that will be unstable but exciting. It is the ‘rebel’ in you. Uranus defines those specific times in your life when you say ‘that is it!’ I am fed up and I am not going to take it anymore. Uranus rules your need and the nation’s need for freedom and to be different. The need to fully express our individuality in the face of social convention or peer group pressure. There is a glorious freedom in the initial anxiety of risk. To risk is to truly live! The message of Uranus is to live in the NOW! Now is all there really is, life is a series of ‘nows’. The Uranus factor in your chart, at certain points in your life, will bring you to this impeccable realization. On the macro or planetary level, Uranus rules evaluation, revolution, political rebellion, humanity at large, advanced science, theoretical science (that will become mainstream), astronomy, astrology, metaphysics, computers, the Web, advanced technology, and humanity without ethnic class or religion.
Neptune is ruled by Pisces. Neptune defines the aspects of our lives that seek to merge with or transcend mundane reality. This planet rules escapism, drugs, healing, spirituality, the oceans, oil, Christianity, idealism, quest for the ideal, and fantasy (the movies, Hollywood and mysticism). Wherever ‘Neptune’ is in your birth chart or by cycle during your life, you will feel and exhibit a definitive degree of the escapism behaviour. So will leaders and Nations.
Pluto is ruled by Scorpio. Pluto relates to life and death issues. It has to do with self-mastery, self analysis and transformation. People with a strong Pluto influence in their birth charts undergo, at predictable times, a complete metamorphosis; like going from a caterpillar to a butterfly. The transition is never easy, but always worth it. It can be like being born again, especially after age 42. Pluto rules shared resources, money and intense sexuality. Pluto is how we go about sharing. Pluto defines how we evolve above and beyond the indoctrination of family, culture, education and religion. Pluto first asks and then demands answers to the following questions; “Who am I?‘ “What am I doing here and where am I going?” These questions are not in relation to others but in the real meaning “to my own self be true”. Nothing is as it was after a Pluto cycle. Something will die, a relationship, a lifestyle, a place of residence, etc.

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Below are a number of frequently asked questions. We hope that after reading these, the questions will pique your interest in Astrology and make you want to learn more!

Astrology establishes the relationships that bind the diverse parts of the universe into an organic whole.  It is also an art – the art of interpreting the effects of these relationships upon the behavior of individuals of groups, nations or any entity (like a sporting event), whose origins can be traced to a point in time and space.  From the human perspective, Astrology is the language of genetics.  Astrology is a system of universal logic.  It is neither a cult nor religion, requiring no leap of faith.  The question often arises.  “Do you believe in Astrology?”  This is like asking “Do you believe in geometry?”  Since Astrology is essentially a scientific discipline that is based on  mathematics.

It requires a definition of terms which we have included on this website for your reference.

How does Astrology work?  We simply do not know!  A dissertation on some theories involving electromagnetism and quantum physics are beyond the needs of most people.  What is clear is that Astrology does not contradict the known laws of physics or math. It is much like what is not understood in modern science, like not knowing how electricity or gravity “works”. How did the spider learn the amazing geometry of its web? How does the homing pigeon return home?  There are thousands of unknowns in nature.  Since the Hubble telescope, Astronomers are changing their scientific estimate of the age of our universe every 10 minutes. The universe is like TV, there are many channels out there, we simply do not tune into all of them.

As above – so below, everything is connected!

A horoscope or natal chart is a map showing the position of the Sun, Moon and the planets, as they orbit the earth.

This map depicts their positions in relation to the specific location on the earth (longitude and latitude) where you were born, at the specific time of your birth. That is why an Astrologer requires the exact location, date and time of your birth to prepare an accurate horoscope. Your horoscope is a picture of the solar system from your viewpoint and portrays your unique outlook in life.
A lot!  It can and should serve as a road map showing the kind of journey you will take through life.  A horoscope does not show the actual terrain you will travel (culture, ethnicity, etc.) as much as it shows the areas of positive experience, crisis, tension, decision opportunities.  Dangerous roads, scenic highways and alternative routes are all symbolically depicted in your personal guide – your horoscope.
Yes and no! This is the toughest, most complex question in Astrology. It is much like the poker game of life. Envision the Sun-Moon and planets in your natal birth horoscope as your poker hand for the ultimate game of life. The cards are fixed or fated and cannot be changed or replaced. This is the same as in life as it relates to sex, race/culture, nationality at birth and genetic profile. Fate or your genes represent the cards; free will is how we play them. There is an unlimited way to play the cards, or an unlimited way to live your life, including shuffling the deck at least once every seven years. In the game of poker, many people will have a full house in their hand but can only see “three of a kind. The role of your Astrologer is to help maximize your hand, helping you “know when to play the card you have and with whom”. This applies to marriage and business partners. Astrologer can assist you with your relationships through compatibility analysis or what is called synastry.

Change what you can, accept what you can’t and let astrology show you the difference.

The fundamental or prime purpose of Astrology is not to predict, but to reveal character! Astrology is fortune telling in the same sense that the science of statistics is fortune telling as a method predicting results.  Both Astrologers and statisticians deal with the laws of probability and help to predict the outcome of a given situation.  For example, if a young woman is 6’ tall with a large frame we can safely predict she will not be a ballerina. No matter how well she dances and how much she loves to dance, she doesn’t fit the profile.

Astro-analysis like psychoanalysis reveals (from birth) the existence of innate tendencies and predispositions.  Both postulate that your character shapes your destiny – character is destiny!  This is to say that excluding ‘acts of God’ (earthquake, wars, famine) the things that happen to you happen because of what is ‘within’ you.  By increasing your understanding of the law of cause and effect, Astrology enables you to speculate about the future, often with a high degree of accuracy.

To contradict a popular adage “what you do not know will not hurt you”, ignorance is decidedly not bliss. If you and your mate are going through a rough time, wouldn’t it help to have an idea of how long this cycle will last, not to mention some insight as to why it is occurring.  It is sensible to plan for the future.  There are predictable life cycles in career, relationships and health.  Did you know that moving a significant distance east or west from your place of birth can dramatically change your life, for better or worse, because your horoscope
(personal chart) changes?

If you decide to reap the maximum benefits from Astrology, you need a professional Astrologer to read your chart.

Astrology is an extremely complex subject, just as you are.  There is only one thing more complex than a human being that is two human beings in a relationship.  There is only one thing more complex than a human being that is two people in a relationship.  It takes many years of study, practice and life experience to successfully interpret a horoscope.  Much like any other professions, your doctor, dentist, teacher, mechanic or spiritual leader, not all Astrologers are equal, competent or suited to your needs. 

When choosing your Astrologer keep in mind Psychics are not astrologers, your chart cannot be read on a 20 minute phone call, it takes hours to prepare, forget the 800 line. Ask your Astrologer for references. You can choose an Astrologer that lives in another area, many Astrologers have long distance clients, you can easily communicate through email, phone, and Skype.  Interview your perspective Astrologer, ask all your questions and establish clear expectations.

Don’t expect your Astrologer to have the answers to all of your questions.  But do expect your Astrologer to have more answers than you do.  The role of the Astrologer is to provide you with more information to make decisions.